Sometimes different files can be confusing. There are so many different kinds and some you can open on your computer and other times you require certain software. Below is a short guide to help you understand what you might have for your business and what files you need.


  • EPS file – This is your master file. It is editable in Adobe Illustrator and it is a vector file which means it can be re-sized without loss of quality. This is the file type that will be requested by most professionals.
  • PSD file – This is just an export from the EPS file and is not editable. This file can be opened in Adobe Photoshop and has a transparent background.
  • PNG file – This file also has a transparent background but does not require any special software to open it.
  • TIF file – This file is in CMYK color for lithographic printing. This file may look a different color to the other file types but don’t worry. This is just because your monitor cannot properly display CMYK color.
  • JPG files – JPG files can be opened on any computer and are for home/office use. You can import these files into Microsoft applications like Word and PowerPoint. You also receive a greyscale JPGfile, this is for Trademark registration.
  • TXT file – This is a short document containing the font and color information for your new logo.