Whether you want to customize your personal car, delivery van, work truck or 18 wheeler with full or partial vinyl wraps – or you just want to add magnets to your vehicle’s doors – Graphic Creations can help you reach potential customers by setting your vehicle apart from all the others on the road. From color changing and carbon fiber materials to a full range of custom graphics, we will have all eyes on you as you drive by.

Custom vinyl vehicle wraps and decals have become one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising in recent years, reaching a larger audience (from all demographics) at a lower cost-per-impression than almost any other form of advertising.

  • 97% of drivers remember ads on vehicles, while only 19% remember ads on billboards
  • Up to 80,000 daily impressions are generated by a single vehicle wrap
  • 95% of Americans are directly reached through “mobile media”


Our custom vinyl vehicle wrap process is much quicker and less costly than a traditional paint job, and it provides a layer of protection for the original paint – Making it the perfect solution for both owned and rented/leased vehicles. Because of its flexibility and customization options, vinyl wraps have helped to drive the recent surge in non-business applications, including personal and recreational vehicles, sports cars, boats, watercraft vehicles and motorcycles – just about anything you can imagine can be wrapped to your custom dreams.

Ready to see how custom vinyl vehicle wraps and decals can help your business succeed? Contact our knowledgeable and friendly Knoxville printing team today for a free quote!

  • 91% notice words and images on fleet vehicles 91% 91%
  • 29% WOULD base a buying decision on fleet impressions 29% 29%
  • 97% remember ads placed on fleets vs.19% for billboards 97% 97%
  • 98% feel fleet ads create a positive image of the advertiser 98% 98%